Trojans In Love (with Dorrell)

Bumped from the diaries.

Dorrell is getting lots of support.

From these imbeciles from cross town:

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Yes Trojans are speaking up in support of their favorite coach.

From "octrojanmba":

To help combat all of the negative press being directed towards our favorite opponent coach, Karl Dorrell, I wanted to start a thread where we can all voice our appreciation for Karl, and tell the world that we want Karl to stay put in Westwood. Feel free to share stories and comments here. and that got the Trojies going. From "socalwarrior03": thanks dorrell for always being there when we needed a win! There is more. This from "tusc2000" is pretty painful: Thanks Coach Dorrell for turning down Ken Norton's request to join your staff. He is now building a world-class LB crew at USC. Truth hurts. And I will end with this from "indio": Hang in there Karl, we love you man! (well actually we only love to play against you so we can see what the bottom of our depth chart looks like on the field). There is not much you can say. All this reminds me of the Steve Lavin era, when Arizona and rest of Pac-10 basketball fans (actually rest of college basketball world) would actively support Steve Lavin so that he could stay longer in Westwood, further flushing a program into the toilet. Same thing is now happening in football. Painful but true.

Go Bruins.

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