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Stanford Football - Quality

So Stanford is pretty much the worst football team in D-1. It has the worst defense in the country. Yeah its dead last. Even worse than Rice. These clowns lost to San Jose State and were destroyed by Navy.

How pathetic has been Stanford's season? The school had to ban their cute little band from the opening day festitivities for its new football stadium.

I guess I am being generous when I say opening day excitement at Stanford's new football stadium. Check out the highlights:

Yeap once you get past all the pageantry you can see them getting blitzed by Navy. None of their Pac-10 games have been close. Two of their best receivers - Rob Moore and Mark Bradford will be out of tomorrow night's game due to serious injuries.

Like I said yesterday I expect Patrick Cowan to be in action by early 3rd quarter and perhaps the coaches will be bold enough to do some experiments such as checking to see if McGee's speed can fit somewhere in the offense. Then again I may be asking too much if I expect this dull coaching to do something bold.

Can't wait for to check out the excitement tomorrow night at the Rose Bowl. As you can tell by now we are playing a quality opponent which is in a league of its own. If the Bruins want to jump start their season they will need to put together complete performance blowing out these clowns by a huge margin (think Route 66).