Southern Cal = Still A Safety School

So apparently the thug worshipping tools from Southern Cal have been busy giving each other backslaps this week over an article from the Daily News, discussing how Southern Cal is no. 27 in the latest U.S. News and World Rankings.  Yes the Trojies are no. 27! They are so excited like bunch of Back Street Boys loving teenie boppers about the fact they are now just 1 spot behind UCLA. Good for them!

Now the DN has a decent UCLA beat writer in Brian Dohn, but when it comes to having respectability WRT to journalism, this rag has as much credibility in the real world as Daily Breeze. And whoever wrote up that article describing breathlessly how academic gap is closing between UCLA and Southern Cal, didn't bother to look into how Southern Cal inflates the scores of its incoming freshmen to position itself for these superficial rankings:

this is what happens when the writer looks at things superficially. if you look at the numbers usc reports, there's a lot of doctoring:

-recalculates sat numbers, with inflated numbers, based on retakes.

-recalculates gpa, most likely to encourage lower tier students from "good" schools.

-encourages applications to the university. there's no floor in which to apply to usc. that's normal for most privates, but someone applying to, say, princeton, would be told that unless he/she is top 10% of most schools, then he/she would have no chance to gain acceptance.

-usc goes hunting for middling standing high-school grads with high sats, meaning that since these students probably didn't project well for the test, they would take it numerous times (or more times) with much prep.

usc is a facade. . . here's an example private school that an usc's acceptances/matriculants:

usc acceptances and matriculatorses, edit: class size, 130, first listed is school choice:

acceptances 16
enrollees: 9
average class rank of acceptances: 39, median, 42, 70th percentile, mid second quintile
average class rank of enrollees: 51, median, 53, 61st quintile, low, low, low, 2nd quintile
average gpa: 3.63, sat: 1316, medians: 3.59/1350

Guess the Trojans will do anything to make themselves feel better about their degrees that are not worth much beyond downtown LA.

The fact is the options most of the average Southern Cal freshmen hasbesides Southern Cal are limited to mid-tier UC schools, Pepperdine, Santa Clara or schools like BU on the East Coast. Pretty much every single UCLA freshmen will not even consider Southern Cal as their safety school. I know when I was applying to college out of high school, I looked at Southern Cal as basically a silly joke, and when I talk to elite students who are considering schools in various recruitng fair they still consider Southern Cal kind of a silly joke except that they have a thug football team like Miami.

Then again you can't blame the Trojies for getting all worked up over this. Because once their steroid pumped football team crashes and burns from the scandals, all they will have is their second tier ranking in US News and World Report to cling to. After all is said and done, everyone knows Southern Cal is really nothing but a safety school for kids who end up going to Stanford, Cal, UCLA, or other elite schools around the country. Dream on Trojies. Go Bruins.

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