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Mighty Mighty Bruins

Thanks to the Wizard for posting this pretty cool post game shot of Coach Dorrell addressing the crowd:

I am still trying to soak in Southpaw Jesus's incredible debut. I do have concerns from yesterday's game. Running game/run blocking by the OL looks like an issue. 2.5 yards per carry is not going to cut it.

Also the special teams was somewhat mediocre. We had a missed FG. An awful penalty during Utah's punt which gave them a huge first down, and fumbles on punt returns. Will try to post a unit by unit breakdown later this weekend if I can manage sometime. But if you guys want to beat me to it and get something started in the diary section, go right ahead.

I do think it is important for everyone to read this story about what Coach Dorrell did after the game. From the Bruinzone (via blackjack):

I hung around in my seat at the Rose Bowl for 20 minutes or so after the game's end. When the teams had gone back up their respective tunnels, the Rose Bowl board operator put a camera feed from the home locker room up on the big JumboTron screen. There was no audio, but you could see Coach Dorrell holding a ball and addressing the team.

A couple dudes sitting behind me (who were also lingering in their seats after the game had ended) said, "Oh, Coach is about to award the game ball," and we immediately theorized who he was gonna award it to. Ben Olson? Alterraun Verner? Keyes? Finally Coach Dorrell stopped talking and he gave the game ball to a young dude in a wheelchair, while the whole team erupted in hardcore clapping and cheering.

Coach Dorrell gave the game ball to Robert Kibble (link added in BN).

I love this team. I genuinely, honestly love this team.
Think Bill Plaschke will write about this?

Hope all of you are enjoying the long weekend.