I am disappointed with...

...the casual use of the nickname "Southpaw Jesus" here. I really appreciate this blog - all the time and effort that you guys put into collecting excellent Bruin news and analysis for us to read. I'm also extremely pleased with Ben Olson's performance against Utah yesterday, and excited that his leadership and ability will make my beloved UCLA a true contender in the seasons to come. Please understand that this is not an attack on Bruins Nation, or on HomeBruin who came up with this nickname... but as a Christian, I feel that I should speak up about this nickname, which I find offensive.

The real Jesus walked on this earth two thousand years ago, claimed to be the Son of God, and validated this claim by raising Himself from the dead 3 days after He was nailed to the cross. He endured unwarranted persecution to pay the penalty for the sins of those who would put their faith in Him, offering them the gift of eternal life - that is why He is known as the Savior. With all due respect, Ben Olson is a highly heralded recruit who will bring success to Bruin football once again, but his deeds pale in comparison to the sacrifice that Jesus made. Please don't trivialize the Son of God.

I wouldn't be surprised if this comment draws mockery and insults, or even if it is censored. But I don't really mind - I'd just like to ask you fellow Bruins not to take the name of the true Savior in vain. I'm sure that even though Ben Olson's beliefs differ somewhat from my own, he would want you to do the same.

UCLA class of 2008

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