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Stanford Gameday Thread

Not a good day for coaches under pressure. Coker's Miami is all tied up with barely escaped Houston, while William's Michigan State lost at home against the worst team in the Big-10. Oh BTW Boise State just annihilated Utah in Salt Lake City. Right now Utah looks like just a horrible offensive team. Anways I gotta run for a while so I am putting up our game day thread now.

If you are actually worried/concerned about what Bruins need to do to win this game, here are LA Times' keys for a UCLA victory.

For quick check on Stanford players, here are their stats via CFB stats, and here is the page for stats on our guys.

We are expecting our ground game to have a monster night, and this guy should be able to get back in rhythm:

Photo:Keith Birmingham, Daily News

This is our game thread. And no I am not going to bother posting the Austin Power mojo for this game since Bruins shouldn't need anything extra to post a convincing victory against bunch of clowns who lost to San Jose State and got humiliated by Navy. Navy.

Fire away.