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Bruins Nation Blogpoll Draft (Week 2)

UPDATED 8:55 pm EST:As many of pointed out in the diaries Bruins are missing in the top-25 of latest polls. No worries. We just need to keep winning, and if we stay on track to meet the minimum expectations for this season we will be back in the top-25 sooner or later. Just gotta keep winning. We will shift the focus on Rice tomorrow. GO BRUINS. - N

The week 2 polls are not out yet. But that will not stop us from coming up with our top-25.

Here we go with our week 2 blogpoll ballot. For your reference if you want to see how we voted last week click here. Here is our draft ballot:

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Texas --
3 Southern Cal 2
4 West Virginia 1
5 Auburn 1
6 Louisiana State 2
7 Iowa 5
8 Georgia 5
9 Florida State 5
10 Florida 4
11 Notre Dame 2
12 Oregon 6
13 Michigan 4
14 Tennessee 5
15 Miami (Florida) 4
16 UCLA 4
17 Louisville 7
18 Clemson 4
19 Virginia Tech 4
20 Alabama 1
21 Penn State 5
22 Texas Tech 6
23 Cal 16
24 Boston College --
25 Oklahoma 10

Dropped Out: Michigan State (#25).

The arrows indicate movement from our last week's ballot. Here are some of my first thoughts on this draft:
  • Bumped the Bruins up 4 spots to 16. Any Disagreements? BTW Bruins are no. 11 in the Sagarin Rankings. It's a little early I know. But what the heck.

  • Bumped USC up two spots to no. 3. The Trojan offense looked very good against the Hogs on Saturday. Booty seemed in command. Although I am not sure about their RBs, their running game should be in good shape given the incredible talent they have up front. However, I am not yet sure about the Trojan defense given the quality of opposition they had in the Hogs pathetic offense.

  • Move up Georgia and moved down Florida. I am still not sold on Leak running the Urban scheme.

  • Moved up Oregon to no. 12. Oregon looked pretty solid against Stanford. Right now they are shaping up to the biggest early test in UCLA?s season.

  • Bumped down Louisville 7 spots. I think these guys are going to have a hard time putting up legit challenge to Mountaineer?s march towards a BCS game without Michael Bush. A huge bummer for Cardinal fans.

  • Bumped ND out of the top-10. The jury is still out on the Irish. We are going to find a lot about Irish this coming weekend against Joe Pa. I don?t think PSU?s Anthony Morrelli (another QB lot of us UCLA fans slobbered over few years ago) is not as pathetic as Reggie Ball. If PSU brings their vaunted D, and plays some solid O, LOOK OUT.

  • Cal is the biggest loser in this entry so far. Cal embarrassed the Pac-10. I expected them to lose, however I didn?t expect them to put up a our 19-66 like performance in the season opener. I still don?t understand why Tedford changed up his offense going to spread-formation this off-season, given the success he had over last few years. Also it was ridiculous to see Lynch getting 5 carries before the half. Nate Longshore looked slow and Ayob still looked like one of the worst QBs in the Pac-10.

  • On the flipside of Cal-TN game now you know why I was pretty bullish on the Volunteers. I always liked Ainge. The kid got caught up in the big QB controversy last season. But it looks like he is coming into his own. And TN WR Meachem looks one of the best in the nation.

  • Also Sooners looked very shaky this past weekend. I just don?t think they will be able to contend in the Big-12 if they keep getting mediocre performances Paul Thompson. Adrian Peterson alone is not enough.

  • Bumped Michigan State out of the top-25. They looked worthless and not worthy of a top-25 billing.
Games I watched: Utah at UCLA; Cal at Tennessee, ND at Georgia Tech, USC at Arkansas

Games I peaked into: Vanderbilt at Michigan, Rutgers at UNC, Akron at PSU, UNI at tOSU, North Texas at Texas, Wazzu at Auburn, FSU at Miami

Let me know what you think. The deadline for our final submission is tomorrow.