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World Wide Leader

Okay. We will not bring up all the ECB stuff again. We had a great discussion over that topic leading up to the season, and I think we have reached a consensus on that topic coast-to-coast (at least in the blogosphere).

Meanwhile the WWL continues to embarrass itself. Here is the latest example of why we don't think all that highly of the clowns over at the World Wide Leader. Ivan Maisel "introduces" the nation to new Bruin Quarterback, but take a look at the picture embedded in Maisel's article:

Thanks to bruinzete for pointing this out in the comment thread.

We get the idea that UCLA football will not get any real respect until Dorrell can show that last year's 10 win season was not a fluke. We know he has to win 9 games and beat SC to show that UCLA is making discernible progress in resurrecting its football program.

But one would think the staffers or interns whoever are producing/publishing the content of the ESPN would get the first name right of a quarterback who had the best debut in the history of UCLA football. I mean are they gonna use the excuse that they missed Olson's first name because they couldn't stay up late to watch all the Pac-10 games?

That's your World Wide Leader of ... asshattery.