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Another Howland Gem ...

Ranelar was on top of this story. Howland has his first elite PG commit to follow DC. Jerime Anderson from Canyon High (Anaheim) committed to the 11 time national champions last night. If you are wondering with so many quality PGs in the 2008 class, why pull the trigger so early, here is Dohn (emphasis mine throughout):

"He's really long-armed, great on-ball defender, a true ball-handler," Canyon High coach Nate Harrison said. "He's a consummate team kid. He's pass first. The kid can shoot and the kid can score. He's a kid, at our level, could score 50 points a game but would rather get his teammates involved."

Anderson should fit well into Howland's tough-minded defensive system.

"My parents and I talked about this over and over and talked about the pros and cons, and there were no negatives," Anderson said. "I love to get steals. It's something I'm accustomed to, something I'm good at. I pride myself on defense."
Defense. Howland offers a kid because of his commitment to play inside-the-jersey Bruin defense. Shocking I know. But there is also possibly another reason. BBR connects the dots on the latest Bruin commit:
Anderson is a part of an elite group of California high school point-guards from the 2008 class which includes Malcolm Lee, Larry Drew Jr., and Brandon Jennings (recently transferred out of state to Oak Hill Academy). Anderson's skill and potential has been compared most closely to both Lee and Drew by recruiting services.

During the offseason, Anderson teams in the backcourt with Campbell Hall's Jrue Holiday - a top five recruit in the class of 2008 - on the Double Pump Elite AAU team. It is logical to believe an Anderson signing may boost the Bruins chances of also signing Holiday to a commitment.
And this detail doesn't sound too bad either (also from BBR):
In addition to UCLA, Anderson was heavily recruited by Arizona, Connecticut, Stanford, USC, and Louisville.

Anderson is an excellent student and currently has a 3.7 GPA in high school.
So Coach Howland beats Lute (again), Calhoun, Pitino for an elite basketball recruit, and continues to fortify that Bruin picket fence around the Southern California gyms.

UCLA basketball - good times.

Welcome to the Bruins Nation Jerime. You are going to enjoy this.