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Rice LIVE Second Game Thread

The first game thread is filling up.

So here is a fresh one. Markey has been the star of the first half with more than 100 yards:

Markey with a good half, Photo: Keith Birmingham, Daily News

The running game is cranking up a bit, but how about some run to outside? The offensive play calling is looking suspect.

The defense looks great. The only other bright spot of the night besides Markey. Lets hope they keep it up.

John Wristen, the special teams coach ought to be ashamed of this effort. UCLA had one of the best special teams in the country last year. Right now it looks to be one of the worst in the country. Wristen came into Westwood with some serious baggage. And right now he is not looking very good considering the unit he is responsible for is putting forth a digraceful performance against one of the worst teams in the country.

More thoughts, reactions, rants?

This is our second game thread.