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The Blue Team: New Year's Day (Rose Bowl) Open Thread

Lot's of great games on today. Bowden had his big win against the Bruins. Joe Pa gets another one for that legendary generation with a big one over ASU. Auburn pulls it out against Nebraska. And later today a big one at the Rose Bowl. And, in case you missed it, the Trojan Family is stabbing their biggest (shady?) superstar/alum in the back, by banning good ole Bush from even appearing at this game. Yeah, there is nothing shady about Pom Pom's scandal tainted thugs from South Central.

Anyways, if anyone here while watching the Rose Bowl today roots for someone else besides the colors picture below, he or she will no longer be considered part of this Nation:

AP Photo/Danny Moloshok

This is our New Year's Day (Rose Bowl) open thread. If you are parked in your living room taking in all the football action, this is the thread to fire away.