Southern Cal Bans Bush From The Rose Bowl

I have been too wrapped up with Ben Ball and Karl Dorrell. So I totall missed this explosive news from Fox Sports:

The Saints running back and former Heisman Trophy winner told FOX NFL Sunday and that USC officials have asked that he not show up on the sidelines for the Trojans' Rose Bowl matchup against the Michigan on New Year's Day.

Bush called the athletic department Friday to get his credentials for the game, but was told it would be better if he didn't attend the game.

"It's ridiculous," said Bush. "I guess I won't be going." So much for that vaunted "Trojan family" taking care of each other.

Then again, when there may be something (illegal?) in the water, looks like the Trojies may be on to a desperate attempt to keep their hands clean. From the same article: USC is likely trying to distance itself from Bush after a man named Michael Michaels alleged that he allowed Bush's parents to move into a $757,000, 3,000-square-foot home he owned in Spring Valley, a San Diego suburb. According to Michaels, Bush's parents failed to pay any of the agreed upon $4,500 monthly rent on the property before Michaels evicted the family. Michaels also alleged that he paid for Bush's family to travel to some USC road games during the 2005 season. And you wonder why we call Pom Pom's bunch a shady program.



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