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That Solid Gold Sound ...

This is for all those members of Bruins Nation who are also members of one of the best college bands in America. They are certainly the best one in Los Angeles, and here is a little endorsement from one of their biggest fans:

That was from 1996 when we were not led by Steve Lavin of the free world.

We were also one year removed from banner number 11, and right in the middle of that 8 game streak. Things have been all that great for Bruins in the new millienium. However, things started changed a little in 2006. Ever since last year we have oncee again take control of the Pac-10 in hoops, and the Trojans despite all the (alleged) cheating, raping, general thuggery, still can't count to 8.

Just a matter of time when we get a new coach in football, who will get us back to Rose Bowls, and of course just a matter of time we bring home banner number 12. Maybe that will coincide with 2008?

Anyways back to our band. I will take our guys over any other college band in America. As the President said if you have a chance you should think about joining them. They are pretty cool.

Have a great Friday everyone.