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JustSC Saturday

Bruins are taking on just SC this afternoon. The game has all the MSM lapdogs in Trojan Times frothing at the mouth, spewing comments like this:

The UCLA-USC rivalry is already generating plenty of buzz even without top recruits O.J. Mayo and Kevin Love, who by next season could catapult L.A.'s battle for college basketball supremacy into the realm of Duke versus North Carolina.

That was from Southern Cal writer Ben Bolch, who the Trojan Times has also covering the UCLA beat. The genious obviously doesn't mention anywhere how Southern Cal has 0 national championships, 0 Final-4s, and 2 (count them 2) Pac-10 title since 1940. Of course, idiots from Southern Cal will try to compare their irrelevant basketball program to our football, and the moron lapdogs in the traditional media and the bandwagoning, delusional Trojan fanbase (even though they can't sell out a brand new gym unless 6,000 UCLA fan show up) buy into it.

Whatever. Like I said, today's game is important for Timmeh. If he wins, it will just add some fuel to the Trojan propaganda machine, which is churning on all cylinders in the local media. It's not going to matter in the big picture, as Coach Howland and his players will keep their focus on winning the conference, and put themselves in best position to make a run in the big dance.

Brian Dohn from the Daily News is hard at work (unlike Diane Pucin and the rest of the LA Times reporters who are supposed to cover the UCLA beat). He has report on today's game, which he treats like just another conference game. Here is Dohn on what AA has done to put last Saturday's game behind him:

Afflalo said he didn't talk to his teammates much about getting past the loss. Instead, he said he tried to show leadership through hard work and intensity at practice.

"The most important thing is our aggressive level," Afflalo said.

"No more passiveness. We've done well so far exerting our will on the other team, and we didn't do that the last game. We need to get back to that."

Hopefully, they get back to playing classic Ben Ball today. We will have our first just SC open thread for this season up later today.