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Just Like Football ...

After hearing all week from the lap dogs in LA's traditional media and the ass clowns leading Trojan fan base about JustSC basketball, ultimately it was the thousands of Bruins fans hanging out at Pauley East, who got to chant: just like football:

Photo: Stephen Dunn, Getty Images (via Yahoo)

Here is the recap and boxscore.

We will have more on this game tomorrow. I do have one question for Coach Howland (and you all know how much I revere and admire the guy). What was Mata (despite having a wonderful game) doing in the game in our offensive set with less than a minute left in the game? I thought for sure we were going to have someone else who shoots better at the FT line when everyone knew that the Trojans were going to foul. Anyways, it doesn't matter for now. But I am interested in hearing Coach Howland's thoughts on that sequrence.

For now, though let's enjoy the fact that Bruins pulled out a road win against decent Trojan squad (which is having one of its once in a blue moon relevant seasons) without it's second leading scorers, and without playing all that great in first half.

On to Arizona State. It's a marathon folks. And the Bruins are in decent shape after another win over JustSC.