trOJan Loser Speak

trOJans are losers. There's really no other way to put it. Saturday afternoon was just the latest of many defeats for the irrelevant program across town.

I'm sure most of us here know the usual spots where the SCum of the earth gather on the internet, and on this day, and for this day only, I encourage you to take a gander and watch the parade of delusion marching through trOJan land. You'll hear the hilarious excuses, ranging from ref complaints to foul shooting (nevermind that WE were getting jobbed just as much as them, and that OUR FT shooting wasn't all that hot either). You'll also get to sit back and enjoy the loser speak, and by that, I mean the most dreaded of words here on BN: "Moral Victory".

Yes, that's right. Their fanbase is so defeated and thoroughly humiliated by not just laying an egg at the Rose Bowl and losing to a KD coached team, but ALSO dropping their first rivalry game at Pauley South, that they've busted out the Not-Real-Moral-Victory speech already. When KD apologists use these words, they are losers, and when trOJans use them...well, they're losers by definition, talking about Moral Victories only confirms it.

You'll get to see conspiracy theories, even a few loonies who think that a game lasts 39:56, before AA surgically castrated the trOJans delusional fantasy world. Oh, it's glorious my friends. And the more they whine, bitch, moan, make excuses, etc. the more I shall enjoy watching them melt down.

Here's the bottom line (addressed to the excuse-making whiners):
We won. We are UCLA. We are relevant, you are not. We beat you on YOUR homecourt, in front of YOUR fans, WITHOUT one of our best players. You might think you played well enough to win, perhaps even think you "outplayed" the Bruins, but you know what? You didn't, and the scoreboard shows it. It hurts to have to actually have to care about basketball, doesn't it? Will you still care about it now? I doubt it. You are losers. Thank you and good night.

Edit: I see the SC Times has run yet another ass kissing article, results of the game be damned, calling Galen a winning atmosphere. Uh, hey Bolch, aren't you missing something? Oh yeah, the WINNING. How about the fact that it took UCLA coming to that pathetic sterile "inferiority complex" (had to borrow that one, thanks laertes) to finally, FINALLY, sell out a game in a BRAND NEW arena. Averaging 4000 fans in a building designed to hold 10K+ is NOT a "winning atmosphere". Idiots.

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