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The Standard

So remember this gem from Arizona's Marcus Williams a little over a week ago after they beat (now 1-5) Washington in Seattle (emphasis ours):

Sure, UCLA is undefeated and No. 1 in nation.

But while the rest of the Pac-10 and country is trying to measure up to the Bruins, surging Arizona is beginning to think it is the standard against which UCLA should be comparing itself. [...]

"We're the standard. I don't think they are the standard," Williams said of the Bruins.

Well ever since that comment "the standard" hasn't won a single game. It choked against Washington State at Pullman and now it just lost to Ducks on their home floor. And now they get to come out to LA taking on a johnny come lately NIT dreaming Trojan team, which is smarting from its own typical choke job (they choked away a lead against the Cougars too) from yesterday.

And speaking of the standard, again it never gets old bringing up this from the fool from cross-town:

You mentioned Arizona as the standard for recruiting, how much is UCLA the standard for long-term success in basketball?

I think you look at what's going on right now and the team to beat right now is Arizona. In my opinion, that is the team that everyone should be concerned with over the course of the last ten years. They have been playing at a high national level on a consistent basis, turning out NBA players. They have been doing a lot of their work here in southern California. It makes a lot of sense for a young man who is thinking about the next four years of his life as opposed to leaving our area to build a relationship with the Trojan family, which is so strong. Those are the type of things that we are going to sell and try to do. They will be our staff's measuring stick and I consider Lute (Olson) a guy to look at with great respect. There are a lot of coaches in this league who are terrific basketball coaches, but Lute got that program turned around by being a recruiting coach. I intend to do the same thing here.

May be someone ( like Bolch?) will bring that comment to Timmeh's attention this week.

Anyways, that's what happens to big mouth, classless, arrogant pr!cks.  Let these guys keep running their loud mouths, while our boys keep taking care of business on the court.

Two huge home games coming up this week. Let's hope our guys are ready and focused for Arizona State. We will have more on the Devils later this week.