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Hot Tickets

Tinsel town is falling in love with Ben Ball. Per the official site our games are sold out for rest of the season:

Most of the remaining games on the UCLA Basketball regular season schedule are sold out (there are a limited number of single-game tickets for the Arizona St. game January 18 and Oregon State game February 3. Call 310-825-2101 if you are interested.)
So if you haven't done it yet make sure to gobble up those tickets for ASU and Oregon State. You can do so by going here. And for rest of you who have them, make sure to use them. And if you can't  go you can exchange the tickets with other Bruins using this link in the official site.

Kevin Love of course is going drive up the demand for these tickets even higher next season. Thanks to T, who pointed us to this link with a video clip of Love destroying a backboard up in Oregon.

Of course this is not the first time kid has done something dramatic. Besides destroying backboard he can also do this:

Sure hope AA is taking note of these clips. It's not difficult to picture him on the receiving ends of those alley oops. With Love playing within the scheme of Ben Ball, AA, Shipp, Roll, Westbrook, and co. are going to find all kinds of spaces to operate on the outside, while Love is killing opponents inside. Just something for AA to think about.

For now though I am sure Coach Howland, AA and rest of his team-mates are thinking about ASU.