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A Standard Ben Ball Beatdown

With an injured Shipp and without Luc Ben Ball warriors just beat up on "the Standard" of the Pac-10. The final score was 73-69. However, I don't think the game was that close. AA lead all Bruins with 22 points. He did miss some clutch FTs but he was on defensively and took charge on offense. He and his team-mates schooled Air Bud and his fellow NBA dreamers all afternoon (defensively) at Pauley:

Photo credit:Reed Saxon/AP

Here is the box score and AP recap. I thought the player of the game was Michael Roll (13 points), who hit clutch three pointers, made some wonderful passes, played solid defense, and was an iceman at the free throw line when Zona tried to make a desperate run. He was awesome tonight stepping up big time.

AA2 also had a wonderful game stepping up for Luc coming up with 6 points and 11 (many of them emphatic) rebounds. Our post game still needs to improve but we will talk about that tomorrow.

Next year we will probably be reading articles on how Lute Olson is working hard to close the gap against Ben Ball warriors.

The Standard. LOL

On to Berkeley. We will have lot more tomorrow. Enjoy your Saturday night.