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Lot of you know about Conte decommitting from Cal and committing to UCLA (read wanted to play for DeWayne Walker).

Dohn has the story and also this interesting tidbit:

Cleveland Browns quarterback coach Rip Scherer will interview for UCLA's offensive coordinator position.

Scherer has extensive college experience as an offensive coordinator at Alabama, Arizona, Georgia Tech and Southern Mississippi, and he was also the head coach at James Madison and Memphis.

Need to read up more on Schere. Here is his bio.

Obviously Cable is in the mix and I have heard that DG is willing to budget big bucks for a new OC.

Again I think the key question is what kind of offense would a new OC run? Does he believe in WCO? Or is he going to run his show? I still think either KD brings in an OC who will run his own show or take over the OC responsibilities himself

KD needs to take responsibility for once. He hasn't done it in his four years at Westwood.


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