Great Example of a Classy Guy from justsc

I don't think a comment about someone from justsc is off topic here.  In the Chicago-New Orleans game which is still proceeding as I type this, New Orleans just scored on a long pass to reggie bush.

Someone in the BN who roots for the Saints mentioned that he or she thought that reggie had been a class act in New Orleans, etc., etc., and she was prepared to give him a pass even though his professional career at sc (i.e., when he and his family were getting paid for his football skills) was what it was and even though he had all the off-the-field issues.  He or she (can't remember who his champion was) thought he had redeemed himself.

I took issue with that (and I still do, but that's not the point.)  I said then that reggie got no pass on anything until he told the truth about his play-for-pay at Figueroa Tech.  

I think I have been vindicated in connection with reggie's classiness.  On his long touchdown reception, he could have just run it into the end zone (given that his team was still trailing), but no.  reggie could not bring himself to do that.  He chose instead to point at the Bears who were chasing him and then do a flip into the endzone.

A real class act.  (His team is now behind by 11 instead of two.  I suppose he'll pull out a sharpie if he gets a first down.)

Once a trOJan, always a trOJan.  He must have taken some classes in classiness from Timmeh.

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