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Taking Stock of Ben Ball Warriors?

Hey folks. As we are all enjoying Ben Ball wanted to share with you something that could make this hoops season even more interesting. We are teaming up with the folks over at, which is an online sports stock market, which I think will be kind of fun. Previously that site allowed users to buy and sale players in the major professional leagues (such as the NBA, MLB, and the NFL) throughout the season. Now they have added NCAA's top 25 basketball teams into the mix.  So ProTrade is offering stocks of all the top basketball team, which of course include our Ben Ball warriors. has introduced the Bruins via an IPO ("Initial Public Offering"). You can buy and sell the Bruins based on their performance. The IPO was set using a formula based on regular season wins, conference tourney wins, and NCAA tourney wins. Obviously depending on the quality of the team, the win total projections will be higher, which are reflected in their values.

You can price the Ben Ball warriors in this market by going here. This is how it works. Just enter the total wins you expect the Bruins to accumulate in each category and then click on the equal signs. If you get a number that is higher than the current price of Bruins are trading for, then buy up. If your prediction results in a number which is lower than the current mark, then you'd sell.

Here are my pre-season predictions/expectations. I never feel comfortable making outright predictions wrt to conference tourney and the Madness. But if I were to predict I'd pick the most conservative of scenarios and come up with:

23 regular season wins
2 Pac-10 tourney wins
A bid in the March Madness
2 March Madness wins
So 27 wins = $129.00

The current market price for Ben Ball warriors is at $157.81  So based on those projections based on my conservative eyes, UCLA looks like a "sell." Then again don't pay much attention to my "projections" since I am focused and preoccupied with Cal Bears and this upcomg road trip. I am confident if Ben Ball just keeps playing with focus and defensive intensity they will make my conservative projections look silly. Plus why even bother with my opinion when you can get some thoughts on this year's Bruin team from this guy:

So don't let me stop you here from having some fun with this. Check it out and comment away in the thread with your takes on how you'd deal with Ben Ball stocks in

I will post weekly updates on how Ben Ball is doing and you all can chime in on whether folks or buy or sell based on your expert opinions here on BN.