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Rolling ...

Greg Hansen from the Arizona Daily Star (emphasis mine):

I can't imagine UCLA slipping for any extended period under Ben Howland, now or for the next 10 years.

The Bruins have reestablished themselves as the No. 1 recruiting option in Southern California and that means they will always have depth in the program.

They'll always have the horses.

The two Bruins who most hurt Arizona Saturday were Darren Collison, the point guard from nearby Rancho Cucamonga, and Michael Roll, a shooting whiz from the Orange County coast. Neither were Top 50-type recruits, sought by national powers.

But in Howland's system of possession basketball, they have become feared players. Both have developed nicely. They don't mess up.

That type of player will always be available to Howland; he'll hand-pick role players and specialists to fill in around the inevitable Kevin Love's and NBA-bound shooters like Arron Afflalo.
No other Pac-10 team will have the luxury of loading up a roster, top to bottom, with so many skilled parts. No other Pac-10 team can absorb a recruiting bust or two (say Mohamed Tangara and Fendi Onobun) more than the Bruins.

Once those of us from the outskirts of civilization get to Pauley Pavilion, we complain about the traffic, smog and high prices. "I'd never live here,'' we say. Plus, Pauley Pavilion is a dump.

But once off the freeway, into Westwood, it's a valhalla. Beautiful and green. Trendy bars and a funky Westwood area are irresistible. Movie stars abound. You imagine what it would be like to be a UCLA student. Fun, fun, fun.
Here is the whole post.

As I have said here time and time again: don't worry about any one else out West. Let Coach Howland do his thing and enjoy our players developing under his direction to grow into NBA ready players.

The only thing we should worry about right now is how the Bruins can get at least a split in the up coming road trip and keep them moving (or is it rolling?) towards yet another Pac-10 championship.

I am sure Coach Howland, his staff, and leaders like AA and DC will make sure that our guys stay focused, humble, unlike some of their recent Pac-10 competition. But as a fan of Ben Ball it's nice to finally read some knowledgeable basketball observers noticing something special brewing in Westwood. Lords knows we are not going to see something like that post from the Trojan Times (joke of a) sports section any time soon.