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Princes of Westwood

Great feature from CSTV:

How do I get a hold of a beanie like Luc's?

I can use one of those out here in the freeezing East Coast.

On a serious note hopefully Luc's sprained knee is getting better. Not sure if he will be ready for Thursday night yet. Here is Dohn with the latest:

Bruins coach Ben Howland said at his Tuesday press conference the status of power forward Luc Richard Mbah a Moute would not be known until after Wednesday's practice. He is suffering from a right knee injury and could miss the Cal game, although I suspect he would play Sunday at Stanford even if he misses Cal.
I hope Luc doesn't force it. However, if he is available it will be a huge help against a Cal team which has been rebounding pretty well. With our without Luc Bruin bigs (which includes other the Price of Westwood) will have to step up. They did last Saturday. Hopefully they continue to do so on Thursday night.