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Tuesday Morning Roundup

Little bit of mixed bag of Bruin roundup on this Tuesday morning.

There is a nice article on AA2 in a local Massachusetts paper. AA2 played prep ball in near by New Hampshire (Tilton School). They took note of AA2's contributions against Arizona. More on AA2's game against Zona from the Arizona Daily Star:

With his team's best rebounder out for probably another week, Alfred Aboya made his first start of the year and third in his two-year career against the Wildcats on Saturday. You could tell.

"The adrenaline got to him," UCLA coach Ben Howland said. "I thought he was a little out of gas after four minutes."

So Howland took Aboya out of the game. He calmed down and finished with 11 rebounds and made two of the most important free throws of his career.

After the Wildcats narrowed UCLA's lead to 70-67 with 17 seconds left, Aboya — a 54 percent free-throw shooter this year — stepped to the line and made both. He finished with four points, all from the stripe.

"All I was thinking about was, 'In practice I made my foul shots,'" Aboya said. "Why not here? It's the same floor, the same basket and the same goal."
Hmm. Perhaps AA2 and Mata should be room-mates so they can talk about FTs? lol

Anyways again it's kind of pathetic that we are having to look in local New England (or opponent's home team) papers to read articles on Ben Ball, while the Trojans Times "UCLA Section" is featuring this.

On the football front the Raiders hired Southern Cal offensive guru (who couldn't put up points against Dorrell's Bruins) Lane Kiffin. Here is an amusing reaction at SBN's Raider blog: Silver and Black Pride. He is actually fawning over the Southern Cal genius duo of Kiffin and Sarakasian. LOL It's just too bad Dorrell angled for this gig last year not this year. Looks like Lord Al was desperate to hire anyone as his latest "yes-man." And given Dorrell's record he would have been perfect for the job. May be next year. More on this from Dump Dorrell.

Also on the coaching front there have been rumors about Lions looking into hiring Jim Colletto as their OL coach. Here is the reactions from SB Nation Lion's blog - Pride of Detroit - which is dreading the possibility of Lions being saddled with another mediocre coach.

Lastly, sticking with pro/college football note Dohn points out there are three Bruin players and a former coach involved in this year's super bowl. Although in my book a thug like Ricky Manning doesn't deserved to be called a Bruin. I certainly don't consider him as a respected member of Bruins Nation. However, that still leaves with two Bruins - LB Brendon Ayanbadejo (Bears) and TE Bryan Fletcher (Colts) - representing the blue and gold in Super Bowl. That's two more than the Trojies, whose classy superstar - Reggie "House" Bush - is still prancing around some end zone.

Are you watching the game? Who are you rooting for? Anyone but Manning (Payton) for me.