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A Note About Our Nation

Guys. Wanted to share with you a small note about our community here on Bruins Nation which I think is a really cool deal. A few days ago, we passed a nice little milestone here on BN, which is not a big deal in the greater scheme of things, but a big deal to all of us here.

BN now has more than 1,000 folks who have registered to become a member of this community. Now that is definitely something to cheer about:

Photo Credit: SI Galleries via SIonCampus

Thanks to each one of you who have taken time to chime in since we started this little online version of Maloneys (although it's Stratton's pint night which I miss more than Maloneys). The comments we get in the threads and in thoughtful posts in the diaries make this little non-profit endeavor (which we have undertaken just for the sheer addiction to all that is Bruin) more than worth it.

We all hope we will double the number of BN members in the coming year. We love how this place has been jumping with all of our comments in the main page posts and one great post after another in the diary section.

Let's keep this nation ROCKING.