Basketball OJ = A Thug Like Football OJ

Basketball OJ looks like he will fit in just fine in the "school" of thugs:

USC signee O.J. Mayo faces a two-game suspension after being ejected from a game Friday night involving his Huntington (W.Va.) High team in which he received two technical fouls and reportedly initiated contact with an official.

Mayo received one technical foul for taunting after scoring on a breakaway dunk, then a second technical for a verbal confrontation with players from the opposing team.

Mayo reportedly followed an official to the scorer's table to dispute the call and made contact, after which the official dropped to the court.

Newspaper accounts of the contact varied, with the Huntington Herald-Dispatch reporting that Mayo bumped into the official from behind and the Charleston Gazette stating Mayo had merely "put his arm on the official's shoulder to get his attention."

Police then escorted Mayo into the locker room.

According to West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission rules, a player receiving two technical fouls is subject to a two-game suspension. Huntington next plays Lakewood Artesia on Tuesday at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, N.C.

Mayo also faces possible disciplinary action for his contact with the official.

Ladies and gentleman here is the face of Gap Closers of Los Angeles:

Mollie Woody / AP

Again, this kid is nothing but a troubled AAU thug who was recruited only by Timmeh and Bob Huggins (KSU).

We have already seen how rest of SuC's key stars have turned out to be a bunch of academic rejects (Young needing tutoring from Jordan Farmar to get his SAT scores, Pruitt getting suspended for bad grades, and Taj going through like half dozen high schools to get into college) and now their glory recruit is turning out to be just another TrOJan thug.

So tell me again why should I have an ounce respect for a program trying to make a name for itself by taking the short cut of bringing in academic rejects and goons posing as student athletes?

Go Bruins!

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