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The Standard Implosion

UNC went into Tucson yesterday and destroyed the self-proclaimed "standard" (6th place team) of the Pac-10 by 28 points. And here was Jawann McClellan's comment after Lute Olson team's Lavin like performance:

"North Carolina is out of our conference," Arizona guard Jawann McClellan said. "And we won't play another team like that in conference."
I will not say much about these guys right now. We still have at least one more game against them on the road.

Who knows, perhaps Lute will get it together and finally figure out what is wrong with his uber-talented, explosive (on paper at least) team. But, from the comments of Arizona's coaches and players, it is pretty clear they are not getting it. In a surreal way, their comments remind me of the quotes I used to read in our paper after games during the era of you-know-who.

Still a long way to go in this season. I just thought the comment was interesting. And, it is also funny to read comments from pundits in the traditional media talking about how UNC's stomping of a 6th place Pac-10 team somehow proves that the ACC is a better conference than the Pac-10 this year. Anyways. I will go back to enjoying our program, our team, led by the best basketball coach in America.

Thank God for Ben Howland.