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A Lesson

In the greater scheme of things tonight's loss is not going to matter much. However, one thing I hope it will do is to teach an important lesson to every single one of our coaches, players, and also fans: NEVER GET TOO COMFORTABLE.

AA looked comfortable in 1st half, AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Here is the box score. Certain posters ... you know who you are. Thanks so much for jinxing a 17 point lead.

Give credit to Stanford for a great comeback. They outhustled us in the second half. I will stay mum about the officiating. You saw what happened.

Anyways this was a sickening loss. But we will move on. We have a huge game to look forward to on Thursday night. We are going to win that game and take control of the conference.

See you tomorrow. This is our post game thread.