It's Official: Colletto Out As OL Coach

Cross-posted from DumpDorrell

As expected, Jim Colletto is no longer our OL coach.  Sure, the headline will read "Colletto hired as Detroit Lions OL coach" but it's obvious to anyone following Bruins football that Colletto was gone anyway.  To make it look good Dorrell gave him time to look for another job.  How else does one explain it?  Colletto has been an NFL coach many times before.  The Lions job is not a "step up" for the journeyman coach.  Any coach that has been around as long as he has would much rather stick around for a big winning season than leave for another retread position.

Next season the stars are aligned.  So why is Colletto leaving??  Because he was asked to leave.  We all expected it.  Another 6-loss season requires more than 1 scapegoat and Dorrell got his second today.  We might see more. We expect that the next to get the ax from Dorrell, if he does go after another coach, is John Wristen, 1st year tight ends and special teams coach.  Wristen is next in line due to the awful play of special teams last year.  But it can also be DJ McCarthey, wide receivers coach since our receivers made no progress last season.  We'll soon see what Training Jay and Dorrell come up with.

As for who will get the OL coaching position any guess is good right now.  No experience needed right?! Expect an announcement soon.

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