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Scapegoat No. 2 Leaves, Dorrell Sheds Crocodile Tears

The scape-goating season continues. First, it was the OC, now it's the OL coach's turn with more shuffling of the coaching staff (?) on the way. Looks like Karl Dorrell will be looking for his 4th OL coach going into his fifth year in Westwood. As DD noted in the diaries, Colletto has made it official: he is (cough*getting pushed off*cough) leaving Dorrell's 6 loss team to become the OL coach for one of the worst teams in the NFL, aka the Detroit Lions. We had already speculated on this lateral move here on BN. Here is the official press release, I mean Dorrell's crocodile tears in reaction to Colleto news, which is coming out of Westwood:

After much deliberation, UCLA offensive line coach has decided to return to the National Football League as offensive line coach for the Detroit Lions.

"I know this was a tough decision for Jim," said head coach Karl Dorrell. "He did a great job for us this past season. I know he doesn't like to leave after just one year, but the job with the Lions is ideal for him at this point in his career.

"I want to thank him for his hard work this season. He will always be a great Bruin."
Yeah, sure, whatever KD. BTW  Detroit Lions fans are not exactly giddy about Colletto either. Can't blame them for not getting excited over a journeyman coach.

Anyways, back on the home front Dump Dorrell speculates what may be going on with Dorrell's perennial 6 loss program and who may also leave (or scapegoated) this off-season:
Next season the stars are aligned.  So why is Colletto leaving??  Because he was asked to leave.  We all expected it.  Another 6-loss season requires more than 1 scapegoat and Dorrell got his second today.  We might see more. We expect that the next to get the ax from Dorrell, if he does go after another coach, is John Wristen, 1st year tight ends and special teams coach.  Wristen is next in line due to the awful play of special teams last year.  But it can also be DJ McCarthey, wide receivers coach since our receivers made no progress last season.  We'll soon see what Training Jay and Dorrell come up with.
As for who will get the OL coaching position any guess is good right now.  No experience needed right?! Expect an announcement soon.
As suggested in one of our diary threads, maybe we should campaign for David Woods as the next member in the UCLA football coaching staff. Hey, the guy knows everything! And if it doesn't work out just like everyone else, Karl Dorrell will fire him or push him out too.

Remember, in Dorrell's world of mediocrity and passing the buck, it is always the assistant's fault. The buck never stops at his desk. So it really doesn't matter who will be the 4th OL coach going into Dorrell's 5th year in Westwood.