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The (Joke of a) LA (Trojan) Times

Okay. So we all know that the LA Times has a joke of a sports section for a newspaper that tries to project the image of being a respectable newspaper.

Another point we constantly make on BN, how the LAT is really nothing short of the Trojan Times, as all of their editors have their collective lips firmly planted on the rear ends of the Trojan PR Department.

Lot of you also know that the beat writer LA Times assigned to cover UCLA football this year - Lonnie White - is a graduate of Southern Cal.

You want a little a visual proof? Just take a look at the "UCLA" section of the LA Times today. Yes, this is the so called "UCLA" section of the LA Times website, which you can get to by clicking on "UCLA" link from LAT's left navigation column of all local sports teams.

What the heck is a column on the Southern Cal football program doing in the UCLA section of the LAT?

What the heck is an article on Southern Cal women's hoops team doing in the UCLA section (above fold no less) of LAT?

Is there any one in the UCLA sports information department raising his or her objections and exercising due diligence by bringing this to the attention of the sports editors of the LAT? Or are they too busy writing the latest BS spin they need to protect their below average, mediocre head football coach?

The larger community of Bruin fans deserves some answers. No?