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Two Shining Moments

Last week Charnaw brought up a great idea in response to a post with the video of Edeny's 4.8 seconds of coast-to-coast pure bliss. Why not have a vote in Bruins Nation to see how folks feel about the two greatest moments in UCLA basketball's tournament history during the post-Wooden era? So here we go guys.

Which moment was more memorable? Edney's 4.8 seconds of coast-to-coast bliss?

Or the miracle comeback against Gonzaga?

Honestly, I am torn. But I think I will have to go with Edney's 4.8 seconds because that conjures up so many raw memories of the 1994-95 season, which ultimately led to banner number 11. Not to mention that it all happened while I was a student in Westwood.

I can understand why many here would opt for the madness against Gonzaga. That moment, in essence, stamped the revival of UCLA basketball under Coach Howland in Westwood.

So let's hear from everyone. Which one of those shining moments are more memorable to you as a Bruin fanatic? We have also have a poll up.

Yes, once again, I was just looking for another excuse to post those videos before our huge game on Thursday night. The good vibes can only help.

Anyways, fire away ... this should be a fun thread.