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[Bruin] Attacks Inside Pauley

BBR has the preview for tomorrow night's game up:

In order for UCLA (18-2, 7-2) to win against Oregon on Thursday, they will need to solve the Duck's match-up zone by attacking it aggressively by quickly hitting the gaps and seams of the zone.

UCLA has utilized a four-guard alignment in recent games to combat zone defenses to varying degrees of success.  Against the Ducks, the Bruin strategy will meet its biggest challenge since Oregon has extremely quick and athletic players and play one of the best zone defenses in the nation.

Defensively, the Bruins will need to do a much better job in stopping dribble-penetration by the Ducks.  Aaron Brooks, as well as Bryce Taylor,  sliced through the UCLA perimeter defense at will in the January 5th contest, creating easy offensive opportunities.
DC or AA whoever is guarding Brooks tomorrow night should watch for Brooks going to his right. Also on defense if Shipp is not getting it done early on, I hope this time Howland doesn't waste any time going with either Westbrook or Roll. Especially in the case of Westbrook, I think his play making ability could be a key weapon for Bruins, while looking to attack the Duck's zone.

I think if the Bruins need to come out and play aggressive and stay aggressive throughout the whole game. Howland should use the rotation of Mata, AA2, Keefe, and Wright to see if he can wear the Ducks down with our depth. AA2 has had some really good games since the last times these two teams met. And if not for some over zealous fouls against Stanford, he has been a pretty significant factor on defense and around the offensive boards. The Bruins will just need to come out focused and stay on an attack mode (both offensively and defensively) throughout the whole game. This time they cannot let the Ducks take it to them like they allowed them in the first game.

And again folks - you in the alumni/general public section - please consider standing up throughout the whole game tomorrow night. Let's get Pauley ROCKING.