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Quick Recruiting Notes

We are getting closer to signing day and Bruins are picking up some recruits down the wire. Today they picked up Verbum Dei High defensive end Justin Edison (stories ($$) are up on Blitz and BRO). Here is Dohn

I would have posted early, but I was away from my computer for a bit. Anyway, the Bruins added another to their recruiting class when Verbum Dei High defensive end Justin Edison gave an oral commitment. I spoke to one of the assistant coaches at Verbum Dei, and he was glowing about Edison's potential.
Edison had originally committed to Oregon State. FWIW another late Bruin commit - DB Chris Conte - also had previously committed to Cal. Good job by the coaching staff in getting these recruits. But I have to lol at some of the hyperventilating posts on UCLA message boards where posters are getting bothered by coaches from other schools (mainly the guy with the initials PC) trying to poach some of our committed guys. Complaining about that is a bit hypocritical if you are UCLA football fan.

Anyways IIRC Bruins only had 12 scholies to give out this year. They now have 11. They may have one more scholarship to give out. Here are the current commit lists at Blitz and BRO. So far the class has only 1 5 star recruit - defensive end Brian Price - who has been heavily recruited Southern Cal. The class also features 4 star recruit LB/DE Akeem Ayers who was also recruited by Southern Cal, and 4 star QB Chris Forcier, who is probably the 3rd best QB in California (behind Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame) and Aaron Corp (Southern Cal)]. I also like the fact that class features 3 DBs as that was one of the positions where the team really needed to shore up depth.

Once all the madness around signing day, I am sure one of us will look into this year's class and assess how it will improve the program. I'd bet taking into account recruiting from last year, UCLA might have the second most talent in the Pac-10 next to Southern Cal and slightly ahead or behind Cal. That should be more than enough for Dorrell to bring home the Pac-10 championship next season. No excuses.