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Center Court: Ben Ball (Oregon State) Game Thread

Here we go.

Last year Luc played a key role in Ben Ball warriors beating a resilient Beavers team at Corvallis, when he lead the team with 14 points, spearheaded by his trademark Howland defense:

Photo:Rick Bomer/AP

Well Luc, DC, and AA are going to need the same focus and determination they showed during the final stretches of last season when they were pulling of their huge wins on the road.

Hopefully they continue on that roll tonight exhibiting the same cold blooded mentality they exhibited on the road throughout 05-06. By now most of you probably know the game is on TV (FSN/Prime). The tip-off is set for 7:00 pm PST.You can follow/track the game online via link in the official site.

This is our open game thread.

Fire away.