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Amusing Wildcats

So, the Arizona Wildcats won a big a basketball game last night beating the talented Washington Huskies in Seattle. The media is raving about crazy Lute's basketball team. And it looks like some of Lute's thugs are buying into the hype. From the AP wire which, of course, is all over the internets (emphasis mine)

Sure, UCLA is undefeated and No. 1 in nation.

But while the rest of the Pac-10 and country is trying to measure up to the Bruins, surging Arizona is beginning to think it is the standard against which UCLA should be comparing itself. [...]

"We're the standard. I don't think they are the standard," Williams said of the Bruins.
These little kitties are so damn amusing. Sounds like they are having a ball playing Lute's glorified version of jungle ball. Good for them.

I am sure our Ben Ball warriors are not going to get too worked up over a team (led by a has-been head coach), they handled decisively not once, but three times last season.  Like I said amusing.

Back to thinking about the Ducks.