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Moving On ...

Oregon was on FIRE.

Oregon played like they wanted it more.

So give credit where credit is due. Congrats to Oregon for playing a great game and pulling off the win.

We are going to be fine. We have this guy in charge:

AP Photo

Westbrook was awesome today. And give our guys credit for not giving up and fighting in the second half.

But we have some issues to work on.

Luc needs to play his game. Concentrate on what he does best which is to get the boards, and make those shots inside, inside of falling in love with his jumpers.

AA, Shipp and DC needs to stay even keeled a bit more and play within the game early in the first half. And everyone needs to work on handling the rock inside. We made some inexcusable mistakes, but we have a coaching staff that will work very hard to correct them.

We have a long way to go guys. Remember we lost to these guys on their home court in 1995. Remember what happened? Besides, did anyone else really think we were going to go 39-0?

So let's sack up and move on.

We are going to be fine.