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Another Tease [Updated]

UPDATED: Just spotted the story in NY Times on Louisville coaching search and why KD's name was in the mix:

In Louisville today, Jurich told reporters that he intended to move quickly and had a "very short list" of candidates. While Kragthorpe is the first choice, Karl Dorrell, the head coach at U.C.L.A., is another strong candidate. He, too, has strong ties to Jurich. Dorrell was the offensive coordinator and receivers (coach Ed.) at Northern Arizona from 1990 to 1991.
Again its unreal this AD would even consider given his record at UCLA. What's interesting though while these coacing rumors are swirling wrt to NFL and now another college and Dorrell he is not denying any of the rumors. He is not saying anything to assert how UCLA is his "dream job" unlike Coach Howland who always seems to go out of his way to say how much he loves UCLA. Perhaps Dorrell doesn't care much for being a UCLA HC and is just looking for a ticket way out to somewhere else?-N

A little comic relief for Monday evening. Here is ESPN on Louisville's search for a new head coach (which I am sure you know by now lost Petrino to Atlanta). Louisville is pursuing Tulsa's Steve Kragthorpe. But then there is this (from ESPN):
It's believed Louisville also had some initial interest in UCLA's Karl Dorrell, but Kragthorpe is clearly the candidate of choice.
Funny stuff.

Obviously, no need to get our hopes up. Although the ESPN report hasn't made it official yet, our friends over Card Chronicles are reporting that Kragthorpe to Louisville is pretty much a done deal.

No miracle cure yet again for the sick state of Bruin football.