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BCS Championship Game Thread

So the National Championship game is on tonight. And I am sure many of us will be watching it. I don't care much for either team. But I guess I will root for OH-IO since a good buddy of mine (a huge fan of the Sweatervest) has promised me a six pack of Magic Hat if I root for the team in red. Okay, fine. Whatever for free beer. Go Buckeyes.

The Bruins have taken on both of these programs in football, and have scoreboard on both from the last time we took them on. (Yeah, we are such a basketball school). Last time the Bruins took on one of these was two weeks after 9-11, when Foster and company beat the Buckeyes at the Rose Bowl:

AP Photo

And, in case you are wondering when was the last time the Bruins took on the Gators in football, it was 1987, when Aikman and crew beat Florida in the Aloha Bowl (20-17).

The kick off is set for 8:00 pm EST.

BTW, on a football note, per reports on local radio, Dorrell is officially going to scapegoat his OC - Jim Svoboda - this week by firing him, and apparently will take over play calling duties himself. This, of course, will bring nothing new, considering Svoboda was all but a lame duck since the Cal game. And UCLA's offense was still dogsh!t even after Dorrell took over the O starting with the Cal game. Anyways. This means KD will have no one else to scapegoat next season.

If you have thoughts on Svoboda or if you are watching the game and want to share your thoughts, impressions on the game or voice what it feels like to watch a team led by real head football coaches, then fire away.

This is your BCS Championship game thread.