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Walker Turns Down Weiss

Well this is kind of interesting news. From (via Rakes):

Notre Dame contacted UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker last month about joining the Irish coaching staff, Irish Illustrated has learned. However, the Bruins assistant has decided to stay put in Los Angeles. The contact with the UCLA assistant suggests that defensive coordinator Rick Minter may not return to Notre Dame next season.
Guess Weiss wasn't watching the Emerald Bowl.

DeWayne Walker did a good job in turning around the Bruin defense in 2006. But IMHO, as mentioned before, given how our D struggled against more free-wheeling, spread type college offenses, the jury is still out on him. But I guess ND is desperate for a defense. So they are willing to reach.

Anyways, perhaps Walker is staying put knowing there is a good chance Dorrell will get canned if he doesn't make to a BCS game next season or, if he does, then he will be gone to the NFL. In that case, he can put himself in a prime spot for the UCLA HCing gig. We will see when that moment comes. For now, though, we will say Walker is a decent DC, but we're not sure he has the experience to be a college head coach. We don't want UCLA to make the same mistake it did with Dorrell (and Lavin) by hiring another assistant with no prior HCing experience whatsoever to run a major revenue high profile D-1 program.