Dorrell Decides to Ignore Osaar Rasshan Again

Bumped from the diaries. So Dorrell is once again shelving Osaar Rasshan (who had two years of QB experience in HS and is reportedly a great athlete) and giving more time to a walkon QB (who did not have a single offer from another Pac-10 program) and true freshman who according to number of observers is not physically ready. As some of you have pointed out already in the threads, no one should have to play QB behind this Dorrellian O Line that "cannot block a soul." At least if OR got in, he would have the chance to scramble, bootleg, and inject some life into this deadbeat joke of an offense. But putting OR in will force the Fixer to abandon his joke WCO. So he is apparently deciding to risk injury and burn a red shirt year of a promising prospect. Only in the world of UCLA football, where the clueless Decider of the program can keep making asinine and reckless decisions that continue to expose him as an out of touch, stumbling, bumbling, selfish, and clueless tool. Yes, I am just talking about the Orwellian Dorrellian world of UCLA football. GO BRUINS. –N

From Dohn today:

My understanding is, as of right now, backup QB Patrick Cowan will try to practice next week, but as for now the idea is to get QBs McLeod Bethel-Thompson and Chris Forcier as many reps as possible.
"We're trying to speed train those guys, and get either one ready to go,'' UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said. "One of the goals of the week is to try and get a better feel of what we feel we're capable of." So the Sleeping Beauty decides to completely ignore a kid who publicly said earlier this week he wants to play and stay at QB: Rasshan is pleased to be back at quarterback. Asked which he liked better, throwing the ball or catching it, he replied, "Throwing it, for sure."

Rasshan moved to wide receiver this summer, but his heart, it seems, is at quarterback.

"I definitely would like to stay at quarterback, but I think that's the head man's decision," Rasshan said. "I believe ultimately it will come down to sitting down and talking to the coach."

I am all out of rage.

All I know is Dorrell is turning out to be worse scumbag than Lavin. I didn't know it was possible, but Dorrell is sure showing it is. He is "making a move" into the all time assh*le list in the world of UCLA athletics.

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