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The Gold "C"

So I have been reading the discussion about the gold "C" commemorating our 100 championships on our Ben Ball jerseys. Here is another look courtesy of some freshman kid we got from Oregon:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian (ESPN)

There is lot of mumble grumble going on about that gold C. And it's not just coming from comment threads in BN. From Brian:

"Ah, I don't know about the different color `C,"' Collison said.
And from Diane (you knew she was going to be all over the fashion angle):
Mata-Real thought the jersey was "ugly," several of the players admitted they hadn't known what the yellow "C" stood for, and there was a sense Howland wasn't enthusiastic about the design -- even from only a few feet away, it appeared as if the "C" was missing.

Shortly after the media gathering ended, it was announced that the yellow "C" would be redesigned, possibly with a blue outline.
What do I think about it? Meh. But since it didn't seem to go over so well with the players (and reportedly Howland?), looks like there will be a little changeup with a blue outline around the letter.

I am again little ambivalent about it. I will tell you though that I despised the black uniforms that was rolled out under Lavin, and I also didn't like all yellow home uniforms that was rolled out under Harrick (man Donnie Mac look like a clown in those). But as far as the gold C with blue outlines, hey whatever. But what do you all think about that? Does that solve your issue?

I am just thankful we have the best coach in college basketball leading our program. Plus I am slightly intrigued about that freshman kid from Oregon, who looks pretty giddy sporting U.C.L.A. on his white home jersey. I hear he has all the potential to "make a move" this season.

Like I said 30 more days.

Ben Ball ... my happy place.