The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys always make me feel good (especially during another terrible football season) and I don't think enough is made of the fact that Kevin Love is Mike Love's nephew.  I mean how cool is that.  The Beach Boys are one of the ten greatest bands of all time with seven songs on Rolling Stones list of the 500 greatest songs every written: "Don't worry baby" (Brian Wilson's answer to Phil Spector's "Be my Baby"), "God Only Knows" (According to Paul McCartney the greatest pop song ever written), "California Girls" (Inspiring the Beatles "Back in the U.S.S.R."), "Good Vibrations", "In My Room" (A personal favorite), "Caroline No" and "Sloop John B".  

That doesn't even include personal favorites such as "Feel Flows" (One of the greatest songs ever written IMHO), "I Get Around", "Wouldn't it Be Nice", "Wendy", "Til I Die", "Fun, Fun, Fun", "Please Let Me Wonder", "Kiss Me Baby", "Surfer Girl", "The Warmth Of the Sun", "Surfin U.S.A", "Surf's UP", "Catch A Wave" and let's not forget the cheesy but feel good comebacks of "Kokomo" and "Getcha Back".  

I'm not the biggest Mike Love fan but he did provide the voice to complement Brian's falsetto and he did kind of help write many of their earlier feel good hits although Brian was the band.  Although I do think that Mike Love's infamous rant at the 1988 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame kicked ass since he wasn't afraid to say what he truly thought.  It's one of the greatest moments I've ever seen, thank god for you tube cause i've always heard about it. I just think the Beach Boys kick ass and it kicks ass that Kevin Love is their nephew.  

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