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Ship Of Fools

So I am sure you all the remember the ridiculous "three and oh" shtick Dorrell and his minions were peddling last season before getting blown up to pieces at the Nut Bowl? Somehow someway Dorrell and his cultists wanted to erase all the ugliness from the disgraceful performances against Washington, Oregon, Notre Dame, Washington State, and Cal, by claiming that everything was fine and dandy after wins against crappy Oregon State and ASU and an over-rated Southern Cal team. Oh and they were doing that ridiculous Coca Cola cheer at the locker room making them look tackier than Dorrell's toolshed like demeanor on the sideline.

Well Dorrell might by trying to pull of that "three and oh" shtick once again. A source has tipped off DumpDorrell with the following:

In the UCLA football auditorium in Acosta they have on one of the walls that lists all (their) scheduled games for this year. After being in there today, the first six games were covered up with white athletics tape. My only assumption is that Dorrell is probably going to come out and preach to his team to have a perfect 6 game season or something like that, just like he did last year with the whole 3 game season or something like that. I guess he's run out of ideas to inspire his players.
Uh, yes somehow winning next 6 games are supposed to make us forget about 6-44 and the 4th and 1 (one-and-a-half says Training Jay!) against Notre Dame. Somehow winning next 6 games will make us forget about the BS spin, what many would consider as just lame lies that Dorrell and his minions have fed us for last 4+ years.It's not the first time we have seen this kind of lame effort to erase disgraceful, humiliations from Dorrell's program or the Morgan Center.

We all remember this from few weeks ago:
In the past?
Players are tired hearing about the Utah debacle, and several said the lesson learned was not for just one week. Bruins center Chris Joseph said the message will stay with UCLA for the rest of the season, especially since Pac-1o play is heating.
"We're trying to win a championship,'' Joseph said. "We've got a one-game season coming up right now. This is for a championship.''
Uh yeah, they sure learned their lessons looking a championship caliber team. Didn't they?

And don't forget this, the ultimate erasure effort wrt to Dorrell's joke program in last 4+ years. Yeah, many of us remember reading about how Morgan Center issued a gag order at Pauley Pavilion the Monday following 19-66 in 2005. Yes, that's right apparently they tried to quash any discussions wrt to that 19-66 game at Pauley the following Monday, hoping it would all get erased out of people's mind.

Cue up a wise man who once said: There's an old saying in Tennessee -- I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee -- that says, fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again.

Aah ... hell. I will stop right there. Making fun of lame and stubborn asshats in denial is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Unfortunately though the joke is on all of us. The asshat guiding his ship of fools in this case is laughing all the way to bank (making his cool million a year) while rest of us get to watch the total humiliation of a proud football tradition and name of our alma mater. The nifty little erasure tricks may work on cultists and deadenders who are still living in a world of denial, it just doesn't work for rest of us, the alums and students who bleed Bruin blue and gold, and live in a community that is based on reality.