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Thursday News & Notes

Dorrell continues to sound like a clueless moron wrt to his QB situation. Foster from the LAT has the latest gibberish from the Thinker:

"Both [Bethel-Thompson and Forcier] have been in all the quarterback meetings, but they haven't had reps," Coach Karl Dorrell said. "We're trying to see what they can actually do on the field.

"The one that is kind of catching up is Osaar, because he hasn't been in quarterback meetings up until this time."

With Olson expected to be out three to four weeks, Plan A for the Oct. 20 game against California at the Rose Bowl is Cowan, who has missed the last two weeks because of a partially torn medial collateral ligament.

But if he can't go, the other three are all options. Bethel-Thompson had four passes intercepted in a loss to Notre Dame Saturday, but neither Rasshan nor Forcier, who was expected to redshirt, have played the position at all during games.

Dorrell said the Bruins had a specific plan had Rasshan been needed during the Bruins' season opener against Stanford, but it wasn't used.

"We're trying to design a package for that entire position," Dorrell said. "We haven't got to that particular picture. We're really evaluating and seeing how much our quarterbacks can handle things."
Excuse me? Dorrell is still "trying to see" what MBT can do "on the field"? Where the f*** was he on Saturday? We know he was physically present on the UCLA sidelines. Was he absent mentally? Did he somehow miss what MBT did "on the field" following Olson’s injury?

Moreover, if there was a package they had already in place for Stanford, why didn’t they continue practicing that package for the following games? Specifically as M outlined below why hasn’t OR been included in these QB meetings specifically after Olson and Cowan went during Utah and Washington games?

This guy is turning out to be nothing short of a clueless gasbag.

Meanwhile, his OL coach, the retread loser from Alabama is making excuses for not be able to coach an OL that "cannot block a soul":
"A lot of people don't realize that when one guy goes down not only are you affecting the guy that you're replacing, but you're affecting the guys around him," Connelly said. "You develop continuity, you develop terminology, whether it's calls, or fundamentals, or technique as far as anticipating how the guy adjacent to you is going to play a specific combination block or a pass protection.

"Yes, it does affect when you change linemen, but is that an excuse or is that a reason? Now, we've got to able to go out and we've got to be able to execute at a high level. We've got to take a little bit more man-in-mirror approach to these things and stop looking around for answers, or having an excuse and taking more ownership. And it starts with me."

UCLA is averaging 181 rushing yards per game, but the 17 sacks allowed (tied for 23rd most in the nation) cuts deeply into the rushing totals, and in some instances, the pressure on the quarterback is a result of a missed block by a running back or a poor protection package.
And Dorrell wants to throw his true freshman QB behind this joke OL? Does anyone at Morgan Center actually talk to doofus and ask for any kind of explanations?

Anyways, Dohn also has an article on UCLA football recruiting during this bye week:
Since the Bruins have a bye this week, the coaching staff will be out in full force, beginning tonight, wearing their UCLA gear and watching recruits, many of whom already gave their word they would come to Westwood.

According to, UCLA has the third-ranked recruiting class in the nation, and keeping that together for the next four months takes yeoman's work.

"There are reasons why kids committed," Dorrell said. "They like certain aspects of your program, or coaches, and it gives us a chance to continue to build on those relationships."

UCLA has 24 non-binding oral "commitments" for an expected 25-man class, but they cannot sign binding letters of intent until Feb. 6.
Uhm … I wonder what "aspects" of this joke of a program our commits like. I am sure it has nothing to do with Karl’s coaching that makes him look incompetent to manage and lead even a JV high school team. These kids want to be Bruins because they love the idea of playing for a school like UCLA. I doubt it has anything to with Karl Dorrell, who by all accounts is being exposed as one of the worst football coaches ever involved in this game.

Dohn barely touches on the obvious concern wrt to our recruiting class:
But recruiting can get ugly, and UCLA could experience that if its season goes poorly. The Bruins had high expectations, but have a quarterback crisis, are 4-2 and are coming off a nationally known and embarrassing loss to previously winless Notre Dame.
Uh, we have a little news for you Brian, which you may want to "report" to your audience. It’s not a matter of "if" this season "goes poorly" anymore. This season is done and it has been a disaster which will not be mitigated by even winning a Pac-10 championship, given the embarrassments against Utah and Notre Dame. I guess as a Rutger grad getting humiliated on a regular basis doesn’t bother Dohn all that much, but those kinds of humiliations that have occurred on a consistent basis during the Dorrell era simply doesn’t fly in the Bruin Nation.

As far as the kids who have committed to UCLA football, from what I hear these kids love UCLA. And there is a very good chance they will remain committed to our program notwithstanding the status of the current doofus in charge. These are smart kids after all. They can see the writing in the wall. They can see how Southern Cal is slowly crashing and burning, while UCLA although going through a difficult time with its current moron in charge, could be in great position to reclaim the mantle of the leading college football program of tinsel town which a new and competent head coach in charge.