Dorrell's Team Taking 4 Days Off From Practice

So let me get this right. Following yet another humiliating loss in his 5th year which has basically the entire UCLA community united, Dorrell calls for a 6 am practice on Monday, causing players to kind of laugh.

And now Dorrell is apparently giving his team time off from practice today, tomorrow, and probably on Monday essentially taking 4 days off from practice? From Dohn:

The Bruins will take Friday and Saturday off, then get together Sunday. It doesn't appear like they will practice Monday (Dorrell said mostly because of class schedules, since Monday is usually an off day) but will meet as a team. Practice will resume Tuesday, and QB Patrick Cowan is expected to take part in it, Dorrell said.

Again all this time off after making the players going through a 6 am practice on Monday:

Dorrell also said the staff has talked about what the optimum practice time would be, which is why they are practicing at 6 a.m. this week. While there was an initial player intrigue about the morning practice, that has changed.
"I saw their faces and they weren't quite as excited about it as they were yesterday,'' Dorrell said. "It may not last. It may just be this week, and than that's it.'' Uh, has anyone asked KD why he is taking all these days of from practices, facing the prospect of breaking in brand new QBs who have never taken a single rep?

Beyond surreal.

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