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Building On The Ongoing Dump Dorrell Billboard Discussion

Pretty clear there is a lot of interest in the billboard idea the folks at have been kicking around this week. One of our reader was so inspired that he sent in the following mock:

He also wrote us this note to go with his mock:

Just a visual of how something might look. Forget all the personal attack concerns. Identify the issue, identify the purpose, identify the cause, and identify the call to action....that's what billboards do.
And I could not agree with him more. Obviously whoever is putting this together has to be cognizant about copyright issues. However, after they are addressed, I do believe the billboard has to go after the ultimate issue which in mind is Karl Dorrell, who has been nothing short of a miserable failure as the head coach of a proud UCLA football program. The purpose/cause of this campaign is the removal of Dorrell to save our football program.

So in that sense I strongly agree with the reader that this billboard has to be specifically targeted towards Dorrell and expose his total failure as the leader of a program at a school, which demands excellence in everything else it associates itself with.

Again I urge the focal point of the message (for the purpose of this specific billboard) should be not how the UCLA football program is underachieving, but how Karl Dorrell has been a total failure as the head coach of a proud football program and has been exposed as an incompetent leader in an institution that stands for excellence.

Anyways those are my 2 cents. Please continue the discussion and let folks know whether you would be interested in chipping in. I will personally throw in $100 to the cause.