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Good Vibrations

It's late Friday night. We don't have a football game (to dread about) tomorrow. But inside Pauley Pavillion the best coach in America is hard at work getting his boys ready for one of the more anticipated seasons, in recent history of UCLA basketball. Once again to end this week a pleasant note, basketball practice starts tonight.

The choice for tonight's tune was kind of easy thanks to Dorrellian, who ended his post with, "just think the Beach Boys kick ass and it kicks ass that Kevin Love is their nephew." So with that in mind here you go:

Just 28 days to go till we get to soak in our season of Love.

That's one of the few things (along with the thought of a new head football coach) that is keeping us cheered up in the worst football trip we have ever been on.

Thinking those thoughts will give us some of the good vibrations we need to make it through rest of the football season.