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Friday News & Notes

Chris Foster has the latest on our ridiculous QB situation. It looks like there is a chance Cowan could return for the Cal game:

Patrick Cowan is expected to return to full practice next week, with the junior quarterback hoping he'll be ready for UCLA's Pacific 10 Conference game against second-ranked California on Oct. 20 at the Rose Bowl.

It would be only the second game for Cowan this season.

And that will happen only if he can make it through his second full week of practice.

Cowan has participated in only a week's worth of practice since August, when he sustained a torn hamstring during training camp. After missing three games, he stepped in for injured starter Ben Olson against Washington on Sept. 22, but then was injured himself, sustaining a torn medial collateral ligament in his right knee.
Karl Dorrell as usual has no clue wtf is going on:
Asked Thursday what he has learned about his quarterback situation, Dorrell said, "That we need to keep working."

"It's not bad," he added. "I like the progression Chris Forcier is making. Mac is getting better because he is getting more reps than his normal backup [quarterback] reps. Those guys are progressing pretty well. Osaar is getting reps too.

"We're trying to get a grade evaluation of those three guys. That might be all we have for this game, [so we have to] try to get together a great package to be successful, if it comes down to that."
Don’t worry folks, we are making progress. We are in "great shape" in our conference. We just need to stay the course.

Meanwhile, yet another player in Dorrell’s program has gone under the needle:
Defensive tackle Chase Moline had an injection to alleviate pain in his neck, and fullback Michael Pitre has a chronic knee problem. Both could be facing career-ending injuries. Defensive end Nikola Dragovic is out indefinitely because of a hip injury.

Moline missed last week's game against Notre Dame because of what was termed a migraine headache. After not practicing this week, Bruins coach Karl Dorrell said Thursday that Moline was suffering from a neck injury.

"He took an epidural for his neck," Dorrell said. "I think it's responding favorably, but we don't know yet."

Moline, a junior, had back surgery in the offseason to alleviate pain from a damaged disk, and sources said the neck injury could cause him to retire from football.

"Those kinds of decisions we won't make until the end of the season," Dorrell said. "We'll have to see how the treatment responds, and how he responds."
Well we hope this clown will not be around to make those "decisions" at the end of the season. Because if he is still loitering around the Monday after the Southern Cal game, the total focus of this blog will shift from Dorrell to Dan Guerrero.